A good start of the day it is :)

Hello everyone ! Hope all are doing good .

A good day it is for me as I have hit the gym and done the cardio . As promised have clicked the pic of gym aka my temple and here we go ..


A good cardio session followed by swimming session and got good tanning I got on my body as I was swimming in the open roof pool .  With mixed feelings back to the room . Having a cup of tea in a very beautiful coffee mug to push me up for the whole day  . I hope you guys will also love it ..


I am getting good in clicking the pics   . Earlier I was very bad in that . Now heading to the airport as my friend is going to his home town . See you guys soon till then Be Notorious !!



Happy to be back !

Hello Everyone !  Hope you all are having a good time.

Sorry was away for a while from you guys due to travel and project deadlines . Happy to be back . I have to plan and reschedule everything from scratch so that I can manage all things properly . Will plan and execute it properly .  May be this weekend will do some window shopping in the mall and will go through some sorting algorithms . Meanwhile I will recover from my jet lag till then be notorious !!

The Crazy and Lazy Sunday it is !

A small blog for a lazy as well as a crazy Sunday. Why crazy ?? because  I have started  couple of things along with my blogging . Today went for swimming after a long time  . Near about  for 45 minutes I was swimming . Sorry forgot to take the pics of the swimming pool area . Will share with you guys soon .Also I have decided to start learning the new computer language i.e. Swift language . I have to start from the scratch for it . Already having Xcode installed in my laptop so we are good to go . Will keep you updated with the learning as well as will share the learning with you so that we can grow together .  And the noon is followed by important match in the Premier League (BPL17) i.e. Manchester United (MUFC) vs Burnley FC and hoping MUFC will win the vital 3 points and be in the top 4 positions in the points table .

Catch you soon with the updates till then Be Notorious !!

First blog post

Hello All !!!  Hope all are doing good !
Today I am publishing my first blog and it is the stepping stone of the great journey that we all will travel together . Since I am a coder that does not mean my blogs will be contained only with technical stuffs . I will be sharing my life and thoughts with you guys as much as possible . Feedback are always welcome so that I can improve if I am lagging somewhere . See you soon 🙂

Be Notorious !!